Are you a blogger?

Do you just own a website and don’t know what to do with it?
want to know how digital marketing works?
or are you having trouble in generating more traffic to your blog?

Don’t worry, you will find all the answers here at one spot.

Here I will discuss some of the fundamentals of digital marketing that will help you improve your blogging skill and how these tips will help you generate more traffic.

Nowadays, our world has become digital as technology is growing at a fast pace, more and more people are joining the internet every second. These people have their own taste for different products and services. So these products and services make their existence online on the internet, It would be easy for both audience and marketers to directly connect with each other in no time.

this can be possible with the help of digital marketing.

So what digital marketing really is?

As Wikipedia states “Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium”.

In other simple words ” digital marketing is any sort of marketing that exists online”.

Marketing for anybody is about linking with their target audience at the proper period and in the proper place. and these days the internet is the right place where audience is spending majority of their time.

How do we define digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is defined as, advertising by the use of various digital equipment and techniques and on numerous digital channels where clients would spend the majority of their time. Digital advertisement, e-mail marketing, content marketing are few tools categorized used under  the shed of digital advertising.

Digital Marketing tools and tactics with examples:

First of all, digital marketers will need to have a very clear picture of their digital advertising campaign and its comprehensive goals, determining that goal they should form an online marketing strategy. The digital marketer has many roles in the field of digital advertising, a few of which are: content marketing expert, social media  marketer, email marketer, etc

now let us look at some of the most typical tools for digital advertising.-

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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This is actually the approach to optimizing your site to “rank” higher in google search engine pages, thereby increasing the amount of organic (or free) traffic your site receives. The channels which have the advantage of SEO include


2. Content Marketing

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This term denotes the creation and promotion of content assets for the aim of producing complete awareness, traffic growth, to generate leads and customers. The channels that may perform a vicinity in your content promoting strategy consist of:

-Blog posts.
-Whitepapers and -Ebooks.
-Online lookbooks and brochures.

3. Social Media Marketing

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This technique promotes your articles on social media channels to increase complete awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your business. The channels you can use in SM promotion includes


4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

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PPC could be a methodology of directing visitors to your site by paying a publisher whenever your advertisement is clicked. Foremost common source to obtain PPC is usually Google AdWords, that allows you to obtain advertisement slots on Google’s programmed search engine pages, at a good price “per click” of the links you place. Different stations where you can use PPC consist of:

-Paid advertisements on Facebook.
-Promoted Tweets about Twitter.
-Sponsored Messages in LinkedIn.

5. Affiliate Marketing

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This is a type of performance-based advertising, where you obtain a commission for promoting somebody else’s product or services on your own website. Affiliate advertising channels include:

-Hosting video advertisements through the YouTube Partner Program.
-Publishing affiliate links from your own sociable media accounts.

6. Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation identifies the software actions to automate your fundamental promoting operations. Several marketing departments will automate repetitive jobs they might normally do manually, such as

-Email newsletters.
-Interpersonal media post planning.
-Contact list switch.
-Lead-nurturing workflows.
-Campaign coverage and trailing.

7. Email Marketing

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Companies make use of email Marketing as a way of interaction with their audiences. Email is often associated with promoting content, discounts, and occasions, furthermore, it directs people toward their website. Email marketing campaign can be done through following ways.

Blog subscription newsletters.
Follow-up emails to website guests US agency downloaded a very important factor.
Customer welcome email messages.
Holiday marketing promotions to loyalty system members.
Suggestions or similar series email messages for customer nurturing.

8. Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing aims to provide customers with useful, relevant information they have shown curiosity in. Its strategy is to attract clients with interesting and meaningful details, rather than solely promoting something or service.

What  Digital Marketer Do?

Digital marketers are responsible for generating brand awareness and to generate leads through all of the digital stations — both free of charge and paid — that are at a company’s disposal. These stations include social mass media, the company’s personal website, search engine ranking positions, email, display marketing, and the business’s blog.

A Digital Marketer who’s responsible for SEO, for instance, measures their website’s “organic traffic” — traffic via visitors who discovered a full page of their website with a Google search.

Digital advertising is distributed across many advertising roles today.

Here are a few types of these specialists:

SEO Manager

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In short, SEO managers get the business to rank on Google. SEO Managers are accountable for arranging, implementing and managing company’s general SEO strategy. They often cover a multitude of duties such as internet marketing, web analytics, content technique planing, link constructing, and keyword strategy.

Content Marketing Specialist

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Content marketing experts are the digital articles creators. They often times keep an eye on the company’s running blog calendar and think of a content technique which includes video as well. These professionals frequently use people in additional departments to guarantee that the items and promotions the business enterprise launches are backed with promotional content material on each digital channel.

Social Media Manager

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The Social Media Supervisor will administer the company’s social media and advertising.  Social media administration contains following but isn’t limited to only these:

-Deliberate arranging and goal setting
-Development of brand consciousness and online reputation
-Content management
-SEO (seo) and generation of inbound traffic
-Cultivation of leads and product sales

Marketing Automation Coordinator

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The advertising automation coordinator helps choose and manage the program that allows the complete advertising team to comprehend their customers’ behaviour and gauge the growth of their business. Because most of the advertising procedures described above may be executed separately from one another, so marketing coordinator’s job is to become a person who can group all these digital actions into single promotion and monitor each campaign’s overall performance.


So, digital advertising is approximately utilizing digital technology to accomplish marketing objectives. There is absolutely no essential dependence on digital marketing to be distinct from the advertising department altogether, as the goals of both will be the same. Nevertheless, for the present time, it continues to be a good term because digital advertising requires particular expertise to use digital technology efficiently.

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